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Hiring managers spend less than ten seconds reviewing a resume. Don’t worry; we’re changing the game.

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SuperCareer is unique, just like you!

We empower job-seekers and employees by showcasing their key work-related qualities and characteristics. This helps us move your resume to the top of the heap.

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SuperCareer's assessments evaluate your personality traits and work values. This information allows us to match you with jobs and companies that are a great fit.

We show employers the real you!

SuperCareer makes it possible for you to find the perfect job. We help you stand out based on your unique, personal characteristics - because you are more than a resume.

Don't get lost in the crowd!

Did you know that recruiters and hiring managers often spend less than ten seconds reviewing your resume? Don't worry! We're changing the whole process. With SuperCareer, employers see more than a basic list of applicants: they see you ranked by capability and compatibility.

High-Tech Recruitment Solutions

SuperCareer's advanced technology, used in conjunction with your resume, vastly improves the accuracy of the hiring process. Therefore, you'll find a career move that you'll be passionate about - a job made in heaven!

Door to New Opportunities!

Our Assessments are designed to provide valuable insights into your personality, work values and work-related abilities. Having this information may open doors to new career opportunities never before considered.

Uncover Your Hidden Capabilities

SuperCareer’s assessments encourage employers and recruiters to take a closer look at your candidate profile by showing them the whole “you”.

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