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We Are Transforming the Hiring Process

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How does it work?

Our algorithms are built on top of a multi-tiered architecture of proprietary assessments, statistical modules, and dynamic systems of data collection and analysis.

We pride ourselves on our cutting-edge work. Because of that, we take the quality of our product, as well as your user experience, very seriously (and that includes your privacy). Sure, we’re a growing startup, but we’re confident in our future and we’re aiming high. We aim to work with people who are literally the best in the world. Will you join us?

Our philosophy

Everyone has unique talents. Sometimes, however, a person’s talents aren’t being fully utilized. Maybe someone has the ability to perform many different jobs, but they haven’t found the perfect one that allows them to shine. What if they could match their specific talents to just the right job at just the right organization?

That’s what SuperCareer is all about. We provide the tools to form partnerships between job seekers and employers on a whole new level. When an employee’s talents align with a company’s needs, one can truly excel in a long-term career.


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