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We show them “real you”

Scientifically-Proven assessments

SuperCareer’s assessments are developed by well-known Industrial Psychologists and proven to be scientifically valid based on thousands of user data.

Your dream job awaits you!

Find stronger job matches, faster and more efficiently than ever before. Assessment results will be used to rank you against other applicants, allowing employers to find you faster. As well, you will learn how closely you match to both the job and the company you applied for.

More than a resume

SuperCareer’s assessments encourage employers and recruiters to take a closer look at your candidate profile by showing them the whole “you”. Stand out based on your unique personal characteristics—not just the information in your resume, or your ability to interview.

Join our talent pool

SuperCareer’s job matching algorithm gives job seekers with completed profiles priority over incomplete profiles. Job seekers who have completed profiles have the chance to be invited to our recruitment service, where we suggest you to companies that you are matched with based on our algorithm.

Equal opportunity”

SuperCareer’s products and services can help disadvantaged individuals - such as the long-term unemployed, dislocated workers, the disabled, and those recently laid off - find a job with equal terms as everyone else. We show them “real you”.

Ready to start assessments
SuperCareer helps you find a job that will make you happy. We acknowledge that your personality and work approach matter, just as much as your resume. We know why you are unique, and that’s what makes SuperCareer unique


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