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Based On

Predictive Assessments and
Algorithmic Ranking

We understand that your time is valuable

That's why we’re transforming the entire hiring process. We assess candidates’ personalities, work values, as well as their strengths and weaknesses for you. Our algorithms provide vital information that goes beyond the traditional resume, giving you a ranked list of truly qualified applicants.

Reduce turnover rate

Frequently, turnover is more contingent upon personality than skill set. Our algorithms assess both hard and soft skills. Based on our unique and deep technical vetting we identify candidates who will be the best fit for your company. Using our platform can minimize recruiting costs and reduce turnover. Retention is King!

Find Ideal Talent!

Gone are the days of wading through a massive resume database with outdated keywords. Let our advanced system do all the heavy lifting. Our algorithms will offer you deep insights into the total candidate by combining traditional resume information along with results from our engaging psychometric assessments.

Find quality candidates that will WOW even the most selective team!


Comprehensive Hiring Solutions

  • Take the drudgery out of the entire hiring process
  • Use proprietary assessments for objective and unbiased hiring decisions
  • Receive tailored services and personalized consultations at every step
  • Get screened candidates who are truly qualified
  • Acquire talent identified through our deep technical vetting process


Psychometrically validated assessments for candidate evaluation

  • Predictive analysis for a variety of dimensions assessed
  • Algorithmic ranking to identify the best applicants
  • Deep vetting to gauge hard and soft skills
  • Fit metrics based on personality and work culture
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Use our high-tech, predictive algorithms

  • Receive truly qualified applicants
  • Find, hire and retain premium quality candidates who align with your team
  • Reduce turnover and increase efficiency
  • Start using our smart job-matching platform today

Studies have shown that up to 54% of resumes are not accurate and contain false or inflated information! Our platform helps mitigate your risks by providing deep insights into a candidate’s background, skills and cultural fit.

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